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These are all from Assassin's Creed fanfics. There are several in the mix, at least seven of them, including ones I've published parts of, ones that are sequels to ones I'm publishing, and ones I may never even finish.
  • The Volvo pulled into a deserted rest stop and William pulled the still-buzzing cell from his shirt pocket and flipped it open. "Shit," he repeated, staring angrily, as if the screen itself had wronged him somehow. Then he sighed and closed the phone.
  • "No, Eagle Vision doesn't mean it lets you see invisible eagles. Why would there be eagles in your room anyway, silly?"

  • "What exactly is 'this', pray tell?!" demands the handcuffed historian.

  • "Desmond, you'll never guess what your son was saying today," remarked Olivia at the dinner table.

  • "Wassat?" he mumbled drowsily, turning his head to try to locate the assailant.

  • "Suck it Juno! You were too late! Ha!" He pumped his fist in the air.

  • "No… Lemme start at the beginning. His whole life, Clay's brain had a sickness where he… he was unhappy a lot. And then he joined the Assassins, and he was happy."

  • Clay predicted that Desmond would be more comfortable on Animus Island with an avatar to represent him, since he was still alive, still invested in his physical form.

  • "Chi è Mona? Il tuo Mona Lisa?"

  • Desmond's good dream, the first he'd had in months, was interrupted by someone jostling his shoulder insistently.

  • William gently chucked his bag over the fence. Then, with movements so rapid Alexis couldn't follow them precisely, he stepped on a fencepost and leapt over. Damn, he's pretty agile for a guy his age. He landed in a crouch, straightened, and turned back, giving them a look that seemed to say, "Well? Come on, what's taking you so long?"

  • She could still hear occasional sniffling from Rebecca in the passenger seat. Shaun was driving; where to, she didn't know or care.

  • "So... you woke me up just to tell me my tattoo's stupid?"

  • "You hesitated. Why did you hesitate?" The way he said it, I had the distinct impression that no reason I gave would please him, and so I hesitated to give a response. This didn't please him either. "Answer me, novice! Why?"

  • "How are you seasick? We've been out here for months, you should be used to it by now."

  • "Wake up," he repeated, then added, in an almost mocking tone, "Seventeen."

  • "Yes, we managed that much at least, so it wasn't a complete debacle."

  • "So then... I suppose I should continue to address you as James Kidd."

  • "You wound me, truly. I thought you missed my company."

  • "E che cosa è questo?" She pointed to the Animus.

  • "Believe me, Desmond, this is not what I intended."

  • "I know that look." He jumped upon hearing Spencer's voice from behind him. "Oh, I surprised you, huh? Yeah, it's not that hard to be stealthy when the target is as distracted as you were."

  • Shaun backed out of the room with a horrified expression.

  • That was the reason he never dismissed the Observatory as a mere Fable.

  • The steely gray eyes and wintry expression left her nearly paralyzed. "H- hello," she managed to say, beginning to raise her arm, to offer a handshake.

  • Desmond heard his own father's voice: "Prove yourself, novice, and you will be one of us."

  • To be quite honest, he couldn't remember most of it now. He'd tuned a lot of it out to better focus on parkouring, and what little he had retained was washed over with everything he'd since experienced in the Animus.

  • "Like fuck you did! See, Becca, I told you his brain was fried!"

  • He stealthily wiped a tear from his eye, but not stealthily enough to elude his son's perception.

  • Rebecca gave no response to this, but just got up and said, "I'll get Bill."

  • He covered his face. "You're living in a dream world, Doc."

  • "Maybe I'll decide to stay in Montreal for a decade or so."

  • Alexis woke with a start. Another nightmare. This one had started out as a normal-ish dream, where she and Desmond were living in Atlanta with a dog named Shaun and a cat named Rebecca. It had been crazy hot, as per normal Georgia summer weather, but then the temperature kept rising and rising. Then everyone had died, burned to a crisp by a solar flare.

  • "Look, you guys gotta believe me." Desmond spoke up, readdressing the issue that was simmering under the surface.

  • "Man, I bet this place looks psychedelic in Eagle Vision," Rebecca said.

  • "Woah indeed," Shaun echoed. "That was bizarrely easy."

  • "Okay, okay, keep your voice down! We don't know how thin these walls are!"

  • "Feeling better?" William asked his son once he'd consumed two large mugs of coffee.

  • "Don't tell me you don't know who Ezio is? Was, rather," Desmond corrected himself.


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