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  • oh it's in new york, like where desmond lived
  • um what is happening in this game
  • holy shit there's zombies in this?!
  • ooh he has envy powers
  • RT to sprint, yeah, that won't be hard to remember
  • i wonder what other controls are like AC *holds down A*
  • woah he's got... tentacle legs
  • *releases A* holy shit i wasn't expecting that
  • man I can jump really good
  • am I taking falling damage, I don't even know
  • just punching the fuck out of tanks, no biggie
  • lemme just absorb your health there
  • damn these hunters aren't shit compared to the ones in halo
  • they're really easy... or maybe I'm just really badass... or maybe it's just the tutorial level
  • at least one of those is true
  • press Y to consume, what, like in Fallout?
  • "18 days earlier" good I could use some backstory here
  • why would the morgue guy care about his wife
  • no, stay behind the truck, stupid
  • *alex goes "that was easy"* yeah you didn't even have to have a thief teach you that jump
  • hey guys can I blend with you? no?
  • huh, I guess stealth isn't really his thing
  • man, if that's how I jump then I wonder how I climb
  • shit! I climb like a motherfucker
  • and really fast too
  • don't even need handholds
  • ezio eat your heart out
  • *alex gets hit with an RPG and is finehe's like, an unkillable... guy
  • holy shit, there's no falling damage
  • well the street got damaged
  • I feel like this map needs a bunch of stuff drawn on it, like in "I Am Alive"
  • if I keep destroying streets like that then it'll need it
  • woah I can jump while I'm on the wall
  • ...or i can be spiderman on the wall... tentacle spiderman
  • but tentacle spiderman is too slow so screw that
  • "Tango down. Terminated." Or so it would seem!
  • maybe if i just walk slowly i'll stay undetected
  • guess not, i guess his hoodie doesn't have assassin magic to make guards ignore him even though he's totally suspicious
  • oh yeah i can shapeshift
  • "hey that military guy has tentacle legs, is that normal"
  • *I'm just walking down the street normally, and Alex fucking punches a dude in the face* hey don't do that. that was uncalled for
  • "need to get to a good viewpoint" fuck yeah viewpoints. no wonder this game is popular among AC fans
  • "They know I'm comin'. I have to think about this." No you don't, just use your awesome.... Like Tobuscus says.
  • seriously you're an unkillable guy with mutant blade arms and shapeshifting
  • hm, so a big corporation is secretly evil, huh
  • "look for clues about your past", why don't you just ask your sister there instead of going out to kill more dudes
  • if he didn't remember where he lived then how does he remember the apt number
  • uh he doesn't like being in water apparently
  • ooh, unlock and explore memories C:
  • oh the memories are in sequences even
  • god, stop punching people! that guy wasn't even in your way
  • christ he just demolished that tree just by touching it
  • see a dude in a suit with tentacle legs, destroying trees, climbing skyscrapers, and punching people? meh.
  • dude in a hoodie walking down the street? PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE
  • *playing eaves-jumping event* now I feel like I'm playing Crackdown
  • goddammit, I can pull AC units off of rooves and pick up flaming helicopters, but I can't pick up these blue picnic tables?
  • holy shit, I turned into like Venom or something


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